”My father is a computer-pilot“

Keep it simple and stupid.

It isn‘t easy to explain to normal people what a company

like Lufthansa-Systems do. Not easy? Mmhh... let the kids do that! This was the idea behind that international


”The value of silence.“

1st. it was a pitch for a TVC, 2nd. Ad‘s . came along,

3rd. the launch-campaign was born.

And again, the client choose the extraordenary concept out of three. A Poetical scene for an automotive product?

Yes! And Yokohama noticed, that this campaign brought

the product and the company an island position with a

big success.

”A product produced by own emotions“

An uncommon campaign for an usually product.

The idea was: To create a positive image for human emotions, who are normally not.

And the question was: What is so bad to show the emotional liquid? To be sad or touched?

No corporation and no comercial background was behind the ideas. Just the motivation to

sensibilize people to say yes to there own feelings and mood of the others.

Started with a web-site, followed by a poster exhibition in underground-stations and

finalized with some items like shirts, bottles and hankerchiefs.


ask differently. think creative.

…are some references.

If you need more about this

and further examples and

of the background

get in touch >

The exploded yoghurt-cup.

If the pack is the ad and if the

p.o.s. is the home of the brand.

”To make the best out of it.“

The challenge: To let a little brand grow with a small

media-budget to the leading brand for design-car-

Accessoire. The solution:

To create an outstanding collection of products, gave it

a clear, simple and exreaordenary design, see the PoS.

as the home of the brand and create little crazy items

to sale and to enhance the image of the band.

The idea was born fast.

And the design was created fast as well. Out of the question: How we can bring visitors in a yoghurt-cup which was as big as the stand on the trade fair. And: let it look interesting and inviting. The agency said: okay you can present it to the client if you have two other designs with you. The client was exited. from the moment I said: ”...and now I show you a stand-design of an exploded yoguhrt-cup.“

”North talks“

A series of talks by different speckers and by Olli Boehm are established. together with the GUT MORI-foundation ato draw a clear profil of the foundation.


an idea

to slow down and use the new time in between creative.